Inspection System

We realize high-level quality control system with variety of inspection equipment.

Size Measurement

Two-Dimensional Vision Measuring Machine Mitsutoyo
Three-Dimensional Vision Measuring Machine Mitsutoyo
Two & Three Dimensional Vision Measurement Machine Carl Zeiss
Dimensional Inspection by laser measuring Oyabe Seiki


Roundness Measuring Machine Mitsutoyo
Surface Roughness Measurement instrument Mitsutoyo
Epstein Testing machine Brockhaus
AC Ammeters Yokogawa Electric
Electric Unit of Low Voltage Frequency Tokyo Seiden
Electric Power Measurements Instrument Yokogawa Electric
Hardness Instrument Mitsutoyo
Simple Iron Loss Instrument Soken Electric
Insulation Electrical Test (Frankling Test) Brockhaus
Compression Testing Machine Shimadzu
Caulking Strength Testing Machine Shimadzu
Contamination test equipment Keyence